Castellano is fast becoming a phenomenom

The Castellano Concept is taking the medical world by storm with its unique formula. Over 97 doctors with the most brilliant minds across the globe worked together to come out with the secret of a healthy and successful lifestyle. More than 37.000 americans have agreed that this is the lifechanging tool that everyone should posses.

Our Purpose

We care about you and your precious time. Now you can benefit from the extensive scientific research on what makes the ideal foam filling, and the ultimate range of contours matching the natural body curves into one simple yet life changing by-product: The Castellano Lavander Oil Infused Pillow. If you are still spending hundreds of dollars on chiropractors and, unable to fall asleep due to neck and back pain or on the other hand your partner makes your sleep restless, then you just got your answer!

Who said power naps can’t last all night long?

Sleep is the core to our health and overall success. It is one of our primary needs, yet it has become so unaffordable for the hard working people. Our pillow is innovating the quality of those few hours between dusk and dawn. It is scientifically proven to be so comfortable that it helps you drift into a deeper sleep.

We have taken the time to infuse the finest lavander essential oil into a finely crafted 3-4" memory foam cushion. This combined function with unmatched performance gives your head a soft and smooth sleeping experience on a perfectly cushioned and supportive surface.

Our Secret To Success

A Pillow Made For Everyone

The memory foam meets the highest quality standards requested by Certipur-US. As Castellano pays close attention to details, we have taken it to the next level and want our premium products to be easily customized to fit different sleepers' needs. So, it is also adjustable! Simply add or remove the extra layer that comes for FREE inside your pillow.

Our Cover

This high-end pillow will turn your own bedroom into a 5 star hotel room in seconds. Made only out of the finest organic ingredients, it meets the needs of every living person. We understand It can be frustrating when your skin is sensitive to bad quality surfaces, and your skin tells the story: spots, aging lines, you name it. We took care of that too. The combination of 100% Organic cotton and finest design of the pillow case is the best you can find on the market, Guaranteed!

Very Little Known Aspects Of Your Pillow

The experts who took part of the scientifical research to build the best pillow in the known history have agreed that this specific cervical neck contour pillow can never be matched by another pillow on the market. It does not only improve conditions such as cervical hernia, scholiosis, schifosis but it also prevents them. If that was not enough, find out that it is also anti- snoring and prevents the sleep apnea.

This Should Stay Between Us

Our Secret Project..

We do not want to convince you to buy something from us and you do not have to trust our word either. That is why we have developed the Sleep well, you deserve it project. You have 30 days at your disposal to test our concept pillow for free. If you do not like our pillow we will refund you at once.

3 Things No Other Massive Brand Dares Sharing With You

The first information that has been hidden from you is that the lavender infused pillows are improving the quality of your sleep by up to 57% due to its natural benefits. Do you wonder why no other brand is selling lavender infused pillows? Because infusing essential oil in the memory foam is a very complicated process and it is not for everyone to be honest.

The second valuable information that you have to know before purchasing a new pillow for your bedroom is that the neck contour is not optional, it is absolutely mandatory. It does not only improve cervical problems but it also prevents them.

The last and most important notion you have got to know about your new pillow is that it must be made out of breathable material and hypoallergenic. An alarming number of people across the globe are having disastrous days because of hyperventilating and the allergies that prevents them from having a refreshing sleep.

Your life will be their vacation

'Live every day like you are on vacation' concept is already a clichee isn't it? The good news is that Castellano never gave up on hope and now shares with you the formula which was carefully developed by the best neurologists and orthopedics around the globe. The most brilliant minds in the world worked together in the laboratory for you to enjor every day of your life as a vacation after sleeping in one of the best rated hotels around the world. And that luxury hotel room could be your own bedroom.